REACHING CONSUMERS USING MULTIPLE TOUCH POINTS. CÎROC Vodka is a premium vodka that is made out of grapes and distilled 5 times in the Distilleries de Chevanceaux in Soutwest France. The challenge for the brand was to penetrate a very congested market space and interact with it's consumers over traditional channels with a focus on Social and digital.

We found through research that a majority of the CÎROC customer base were people who lived a more premium life — or those who aspired to that lifestyle. Like many luxury brands, CÎROC focuses on doing a few things exceptionally well, one of them being engaging the consumers using music, art and lifestyle over web.


For web, we knew that their users where very engaged in the brand’s channels and by creating rich interesting content. We also knew that the content would be shared and get a high reach over the social networks. By encouraging fans to create content and share it using various contests and hashtags, we managed to rapidly grow the brand’s reach and fan count.


At the same time that the content and conversations were shared over social, we developed a brand new digital identity, starting with a new website which told the story of Ciroc and its cocktails.

By combining the social strategy, content creation and digital web outlet, we had a very stable foundation to build upon. The next step in the program was to amplify the conversations and  to engage the various consumer groups.
We created

  • Music program with the Ciroc Boyz.
  • Fashion sweepstakes with the Habana Club in the Hamptons.
  • Ciroc the City guide for the target markets.
  • Mixology app and project to reach and share the unique and special drinks Ciroc has as a part of their marketing program.
  • Content for Web and Social channels.
  • Digital identity through the website and mobile platform.



Between the years of 2010 – 2013, Ciroc vodka became one of the worlds fastest growing vodka brands. The identity and digital content have been nominated as one of the best spirits brands in terms of posting and engaging their fans by Twitter and also the CSS Web Awards.